Alipay payment (off-site payment)

Alipay payments

Alipay payment is a payment method outside of the website(only available in regions where payment cannot be made in USD and Alipay users who cannot PayPal payment)

First of all, You need to click on the "Apply" button in the shopping cart to get the final price. If USD payments are not supported in your region, convert USD to CNY or local currency based on the latest exchange rate. Please be accurate to the decimal point.

Then, open and select the service provider that best suits your payment, enter USD or your local currency converted from the latest exchange rate.

Finally, after the payment is successful, please save the payment picture and send an email After receiving your payment, we will check your payment history and send an email confirming the item model. When this is all done, the shipment of the goods will be arranged.

How to remit to Alipay? Where can I send money?

What information should I fill in at the money transfer platform?

Last name: WU

First name:YU MEI

Before sending money from Alipay, carefully confirm whether the Name and Alipay ID are correct to avoid unnecessary losses.


To send money to China from the world, it is enough to provide an Alipay account number