TianMig238 iXP
TianMig238 iXP
TianMig238 iXP
TianMig238 iXP
TianMig238 iXP
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TianMig238 iXP
TianMig238 iXP
TianMig238 iXP
TianMig238 iXP
TianMig238 iXP
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TianMig238 iXP

TianMig238 iXP is all processes in one – Double Puilse MIG, Pulse Mig, DC MIG, FLUX CORED, TIG, and MMA. Weld a wide range of metal thicknesses and applications, including the full range of 1.0 mm wires in short arc and up to 1.2 mm solid wires and flux cored wires. Plus, the TitanMig 238 iXP can weld electrodes up to 4.0 mm and TIG rods up to 5.0 mm.

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TitanMig 238 iXP Welding test

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● Professional Multi Process –Double Pulse MIG, Pulse MIG, Fast MIG, MIG, TIG, Stick
● Choose either Synergic or Manual model
● LCD interface, easy-to-use visual welding settings
● Use Fe, Ss, Al, FCW wires, 15 kg spools
● Precise weld quality and arc ignition
● Extremely Portable – only 15 kgs
● program upgradable via cable or wireless
● Power Factor Correction (PFC), more welding power, energy, less input current, Wide voltage input range 110/230V

As a stylish high performance machine, TitanMig 238 iXP combines synergic double-pulse MIG, Single-Pulse Fast MIG, DC MIG, FCW, TIG, MMA processes in a portable body. With a large graphical interface you can simply set only one parameter, all others will match automatically. You could easily weld mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and Flux-cored wires. It is most easy use and powerful portable machine ever before.

Model/ltem TitanMig 238 iXP
Input Power Voltage (V) AC 110V15% AC 230V 15%
Rated Power Capacity (KVA) 2.6 1.7 2.9 6.8 4.3 6.7
Current Adjustment Range (A) 20~110 10~100 10~100 20~225 10~200 10~200
Voltage Adjustment Range (V) 13~19.5 10.4~14 20.4~24 15~25.3 10.4~18 20.4~28
No-load Voltage (V) 72 72 72 72 72 72
Welding Wire Diameter (mm) 0.6/0.8/0.9/1.0
Duty Cycle Imax (40C) 25% 20% 20% 25% 30% 20%
Duty cycle 100% (40C) 65A 63A 50A 112A 109A 89A
Duty cycle 60% (40°C) 84A 82A 65A 145A 141A 115A
Effciency (%) 85%
Power Factor 0.99
Protection Class IP 23
Insulation Class F
Size (mm) with Handle 610x21x420
Weight (Kg) 15